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Use of personal data
Access to several sections of the site and/or any requests for information or services by users could require the insertion of personal data whose use by SportRick Tech LTD (hereinafter referred to as "SportRick") as Person Responsible for the use of the data.

This information note is aimed at making users aware of the way in which SportRick will use their personal data before accessing the various sections of the site and before entering their data and it is necessary for users to read this information note before they enter their personal data in the relevant spaces included in the various sections of the site.

Information Retention and Disclosure
According to the user's requirements, which may from time to time arise by accessing the various sections of the site, the data supplied by the user when completing the on-line forms may be used as follows:
a) to allow registration on the site, which is required to access particular sections of the site itself and in order to deliver and manage the various services offered;
b) prior to the users’ consent and up to revocation of the same, to carry out marketing activities (such as, for example, promotional or advertising material mailers, relevant analyses on registered users to allow Barilla to improve the products and services offered to its customers); this in conjunction with e-mail, fax, mms and sms, prior to specific consent and until revocation of the same;
c) to send newsletters containing updates on the site (site section "Subscribe to the Newsletter");
d) to respond to Users' requests regarding SportRick products, advertising or website (site section "Contacts").

Users' supplied personal data
Giving personal data is optional but also partly required (that is, in the boxes marked by an asterisk) so that Barilla can meet user requirements relating to the functionality of the site. As the data requested in boxes marked with an asterisk are required to supply the requested service, the omission, partial or incorrect entry of this personal data will render the supply of this service impossible; however, the omission, partial or incorrect entry of non-mandatory personal data will not have any repercussions.

Categories of personal data used
As well as personal data given directly by the Users (such as name, surname, postal address, e-mail address, etc.) on connection to the site, the IT systems and software used for the site itself indirectly acquire certain personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. Such data will be used only for anonymous statistical studies.

How to alter the user's profile
Users may, at any moment, alter the data supplied or cancel their profile either by using the function by sending an e-mail to info@sportrick.co.uk