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IBM's Event: Cloud (K)now

SportRick: IBM's case study

During the prestigious national event organized by IBM to introduce the latest news in terms of cloud infrastructures, SportRick was one of the best and most successful case studies.

Companies, Start-Ups, Internet providers and IBM experts will tell their own story and reveal how they achieved their goals. Marco Montemagno, tv journalist and founder of SuperSummit, will explain how the new digitalization influences the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

IBM website: ibm.com


Training Seminars

LabOratori have become a key event within the fitness industry, thanks to the high quality of the training provided by the best experts. SportRick is actively involved in the digital innovation aspect.

E-commerce, Cloud, Telework and Broad Band are the most common terms when we speak about innovation. Now, thanks to this incentive, they have become tools available to everybody. During the seminar, we will analyze the details of the various project types that can be presented, the acceptable expenses and the request modalities.

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