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SportRick is offered by Gruppo Sinapsi s.r.l., a softwarehouse based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, that provides innovative and high-quality solutions since 1985. Gruppo Sinapsi's professional experience derives from the participation within other strategic companies, such as Nanosoft, specialized in the programming and management of big IT-infrastructures, both physical and cloud-based.
  • 1996


    In his attic, with his 486 DX2 66, Andrea creates a management software for subscriptions to swimming courses, requested by three local sport companies. School during the day and Visual Basic 5 programming at night with Microsoft Access Database. Courses start in September... the new software will manage more than 6,000 subscriptions.

  • 1999


    AcquaGest is no longer a hobby, many companies are using it already. 4andSoft software house decides to develop the product to boost sales. 

  • 2002


    Thanks to some big projects, AcquaGest becomes SportGest. Now it manages gyms, tennis courts and wellness centers and offers access control. Its reference database is Microsoft SQL server.

  • 2006

    Gruppo Sinapsi

    April 2006: Gruppo Sinapsi acquires 4andSoft and SportGest. The group continues with the inversions, also acquiring  Hallway’s Business Intelligence Solutions and  Panthera, a platform for management and control.

  • 2010

    Cloud and Social Booking

    February 2010, Forum Piscine: Presentation of SportGest in private cloud  and the Social Booking platform: the first Social Business solution for the sport industry.

  • 2012


    Cloud and Social are the key elements for success and SportRick’s main features as well, its goal being the capitalization of the experience consolidated in the industry of new technologies and in the development of management systems for sport facilities. In June 2012 the first public-cloud access control is installed (probably the first not only in Italy).

  • 2013

    Johnson Matrix

    SportRick’s success attracts some multinationals of the industry. The most convincing of all turns out to be Johnson Healtech, owner of Matrix. December 2013: exclusive distribution agreement. 

  • 2014

    SportRick Tech Ltd

    September 2014: first branch opening in London at  Google Campus.

  • 2015

    SportRick Worldwide

    In Cologne, during the FiBo trade show (the most important at European level) SportRick receives excellent feedbacks from clients and industry professionals alike. SportRick cloud manages more than 1,800,000 user profiles and thousands of daily transactions. 

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