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Two types of access control

Manual – Staff-operated

Barcode readers are the easiest way to create an inexpensive manual access control. Each client will have a number of identification corresponding to a barcode tag. In order for the client to access, a member of staff will use a reader with keyboard emulation to scan the barcode on the client’s card. The system will check the client’s has access right and, in case of a pass, it will deduct the single access, while in case of class attendance, it will mark the presence. 

Barcode tags can be purchased pre-printed but need to be univocal. It is also possible to purchase sheets of blank tags and print them using our PDF or creating codes via MS Excel with the font "Barcodes". In addition to barcodes, RFID cards with  keyboard emulationcan be used as well.

Automatic opening of access points/turnstiles

Automatic access control requires RFID readers. These network readers can communicate directly with SportRick Cloud through the Internet. They have to be connected to the LAN and to the clean contact of the turnstile or the access point to be automatized. Should a power failure occur, these readers are able to manage access control offline  in order to ensure the continuity of the service. They support the main proximity RFID cards (125Khz and Mifare 13,56 Mhz), magnetic and barcode cards. 

Thanks to their double technology these devices can read subscriptions from proximity cards or barcodes for occasional access and they are also compatible with RFID wristbands and key rings.

Functioning scheme

SportRick access control is based on the  cloud. This means reduced infrastructure expenses and great possibilities, such as clubs in various locations that share the same clients, client-detection technologies, creation of new temporary access points that for example, only rely on a PC and a barcode reader. Moreover, access to the club can be controlled anywhere with an Internet-connected tablet or smartphone!

SportRick thoroughly improves access control, reducing expenses and boosting freedom of action.

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