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Too much to read?

If knowing that you can have an excellent access control for just 100 $ per month including VAT is enough for you then… what are you waiting for?

Gym-access control

SportRick is the simplest and possibly the most inexpensive of all access control softwares for gyms and sport facilities. Thanks to its cloud architecture you won’t need servers nor special cables… all you need is Internet connection! 

SportRick checks the validity of: passes, subscriptions  and access to classes that require reservation.

Manual access control only requires a barcode reader with keyboard emulation and the subscription to SportRick’s Start Plan (100$/month). 

To manage physical access points you will only need to purchase a reader, connect it and subscribe to SportRick’s Pro Plan (140$/month), which controls up to three access points and manages both access and exit. 

Cards, readers and turnstiles

Tornello per palestra Access control is based on three key elements: identification cards, readers and access points . Cards are necessary to identify members. Although there are many types of cards, SportRick recommends RFID technology.

A reader is an electronic device that has to be connected with the network and the turnstile/s. Readers can read various cards: magnetic, barcode and RFID cards (125Khz, Mifare 13,56 Mhz...).

In addition to cards,other tools can be implemented such as RFID wristbands and key rings.
An access point is any relay-controlled device such as  turnstiles, doors, gates, doors with electronic lock...