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SportRick Fast Track

Starting your car or opening the door with your smartphone might sound like science fiction, but it certainly isn't for those who use SportRick Fast Track! Speed up your club automation and make daily activities more enjoyable!

Added value to your APP
Your Club APP won't be ignored once it becomes an essential tool for the automatization of online access for sales purposes. 
Safe and exclusive
Since hardly anyone lends their smartphone to other people, biometrics authentication is granted without privacy issues.  
Short and Long Range
Useful to activate turnstiles but essential to access car parks and private garages. Access becomes quicker and easier!
This technology curbs the need of pvc and plastic supports (such as cards). The environment will undoubtedly benefit from your choice!
Always with you
Gone are the days of manual access control! Club cards can be easily forgotten at home, but smartphones... no dice!
Your club will finally turn into an innovative and competitive fitness center with cutting-edge technologies! You deserve the best!